La Perrona Hot Sauce

Made in Tijuana! The best artisan hot sauce around. Just the right amount of spicy! The delicious recipes to create La Perrona sauces, include various peppers, spices and natural ingredients which are emulsified by 100% handmade methods to go great with all food and snacks.

  • Red Chiltepin

    -Made from Red Chiltepin Peppers

    -Classic Chiltepin Hot Sauce

    -Extra Spicy "Salsa Roja" Taste

    -Handmade in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Roasted Tatemada

    -Made from Chiltepin Peppers

    -Extra Spicy Tatemada Sauce

    -Classic Pestle and Mortar Taste

    -Handmade in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Black Seafood

    -Made from Chiltepin Peppers in Seafood sauce flavor

    -Spicy Black Marisquera Sauce

    -Handmade in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Green Chiltepin

    -Made from Green Chiltepin Peppers

    -Extra Spicy "Salsa Verde" Taste

    -Handmade in Tijuana, Mexico